JavaScript Code Search Upgraded

Semantic Search Engine for JavaScript Code Bases.

Codebase-Wide Lookups

CodeCue indexes all the functions name so that you can find functions, classes or code snippets throughout the whole code base in a matter of seconds.

IDE Integration

No need to learn or integrate a new tool, CodeCue search engine can be used right inside your IDE. (Currently only supports VSCode but more integrations on the way)

Semantic Search Engine

With semantic matching there is no need to know an exact function name to find it. Synonyms will work just as well.
e.g.: userSettings ~ configureUser

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TensorFlow.js is a library for machine learning in JavaScript

    How does this work

    1Create your account

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    2Connect to your Github account

    Select the repository and branch that you want to be indexed. Note: We currently only support Github.

    3Hang on a few minutes

    First, CodeCue is extracting semantic information from the source code then fine tunes a machine learning model. This process can take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of your repo.

    4CodeCue is ready to answer questions

    Login the web interface, ask your questions using natural language and get immediate answers.